Criteria on Selecting the Best Cat Tree

Cats are adorably beautiful pets. However, cats are also curious and jumpy and at moments they can become extra bored. When a cat gets bored it starts to show some mischievous behavior. Cat towers are the most common furniture that can reduce boredom in a cat. However, these cat trees need some little professionalism when choosing them if they should keep your cat busy enough Below are just but a few features you should consider before buying a cat tree for your cat. View here now!

Nature, size and Energy levels of your cat. Cat trees come in different shapes and sizes depending on the demand of the buyer or pet owner. Some cats are normally huge while some have tiny bodies. Unlike small pets, bigger cats will prefer bigger trees with heavy branches. Tiny kitten do not have enough strength to climb big branches or reach top heights. Thus, a smaller tree which is easy to climb will do for a kitten.

Stability and strength of the material used. Make sure your cat tree is balanced enough to withstand the weight of your cat. Ensure fixtures such as ladders, perches and climbing platform are wisely placed and are strong enough to hold the weight of your cat.

Taking into consideration your cat scratching behavior, you need to ensure that your cat tree does not miss a scratching pole so your cat does not use your seats to fulfill their scratching desires. You can choose to use fabric for the scratching pole or opt to curved surface poles.

In the situation where you prefer your cat tree to have tubes and tunnels, make sure they are big enough for the cat to move and turn inside the tunnels. If you the tree will be used with more than one cat then you should ensure that the tunnels are big enough with proper aeration.

Another consideration to mark is your type of career. If your job involves a lot of moving around from city to city or country to country, then a flexible, fold-able, mobile tree would be a good idea. Bulky cat trees are difficult to move around and will be headache when relocating or moving from one house to another. A flexible and small cat tree will be easy to move around hence suitable for a traveling career.

Material used to build the cat tree also plays a vital role. Some trees have fabric and rags for sleeping condos while others use cotton and sponge for the same purpose. Go for the material that your cat likes and also consider the cost. Some of more consideration to make include budget, life expectancy of the tree, design and size of the house.

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